This "backyard adventure" was sparked by a question and comment from my hair dresser, Laurie, "Have you been to the new Farmers Market in the Town Green?.  I hear it's really good" 

Laurie lives quite a distant away from her Stratford, CT salon and the Farmer's Market is scheduled for her day off and so the fact that she raised this topic was intriguing. 

The market location moved across town and each week this summer, I made an excuse not to go there. But now having this tip, off I went on an adventure when the market was next in town.

It was a stunning experience full of vibrancy.  Now in a shaded town green instead of a barren parking lot, I felt that I was transported to somewhere special. It was inviting and the new ambiance made me really want to experience the activity, rather than to do my typical "shop and run".  The market has this small town "New England" feel because it includes more artisan type food.

I'm more open to stopping to try a sample offered or to intermingle with other shoppers.  It led me to widen the variety of produce varieties I purchase and the way I prepare them.  

I've begun to eat some of the veggies raw that I once only ate fully cooked.  I include things like raw swiss chard, lima beans or even okra in my salads.  When food is that fresh, my options how to prepare it widens.

The expanded variety of vendors includes a local goat farm I had visited last year - one and half hours away.  Visiting that vendor brings back such nice memories of spending time at the farm and provides convenient access to their cheeses and yoghurt.  

Shopping at the Market makes me feel like I'm on vacation and has contributed to eating healthier. Connecting with others at the market, I practice solo travel skills and this has made all the difference. 

Pictured is some of my purchases that day.  

More and more, I'm traveling local with a solo traveler mindset and this is making my near home adventures joyful. 

I was inspired to write Hamlet Hub and contribute a news story about the Stratford, CT Farmer's Market.  You can read it at

This story was also published by the Trumbull and Milford editions of Hamlet Hub.